The position of the graphic arts
in contemporary China

Estelle Bories, art critic

Estelle Bories researches contemporary art and modernity in China. Her principle publications have focused on how artists define their identities, the evolution of Chinese critical literature, and the developments of contemporary artistic production in Beijing. The objective of this presentation will be to provide some points of reference on the evolution of the graphic arts in China. Beyond presenting the work of contemporary artists, Estelle Bories will discuss the evolution of Chinese creative practices, which have connections to their traditional cultural heritage (Taoism, calligraphy, stylized writing) and their history of revolution. Estelle Bories received her doctorate from Sciences-Po Paris, and currently teaches at the Université Paris 3. • Saturday 29th March 4:30 pm.

Qui Jie, Bu Gao Li, 2012, Technique  : Pencil, 100 x 140 cm, Courtesy Art Plurial Singapour

A Story of lines: Arab drawing/design

Arafat Sadallah, philosopher

This conference will attempt, through works done by contemporary Arab artists, to address the issues of lines and drawing in all means of representation, and their supremacy over depictions of the leaving things. Arafat Sadallah is a philosopher and artistic collaborator on the SIWA platform, a platform of reflection on contemporary Arab creation. He works with the issue of representation in the world.  • Friday 28th March at 4pm.



Lin Xue, Untitled n°5, 1995-2008
Ink on paper, 33 x 48 cm
Courtesy of the artist