The Illustrators’ Corner

Focus on four illustrators from the press, fashion and publishing industries

Johanna Thomé de Souza

Franco-Brazilian newspaper illustrator Johanna Thomé de Souza, very well-known in Brazil, will present a set of 27 watercolours painted in Rio de Janeiro from 2012 to 2013, entitled Si Rio m’était conté.

Rio de Janeiro, combien de villes en une seule (Cidade Maravilhosa)
2013, works on paper, watercolor and ink
Courtesy Johanna Thomé de Souza

Isabelle Oziol de Pignol

Isabelle Oziol de Pignol, stylist and fashion illustrator who has worked for Balmain, Balenciaga, then Burberry and collaborated on, l’ and for the Swiss media group Tamédia, will share her gallery of very “stylish” characters whose ways of dressing she will analyse in a biting yet tender tone.

2013, work on paper, ink, marker and ballpoint pen
Courtesy Isabelle Oziol de Pignol

Francesco Lo Iacono,

Francesco Lo Iacono, who trained at the Ecole des Beaux-arts between Italy and France and has been working in Paris since 2012, will showcase a series of illustrations inspired by the most surprising runway shows and fashion magazine editorials.

Hungry Void
2013, works on paper, watercolor and oil pastels

Courtesy Francesco Lo Iacono

Octavia Monaco

Italian born in France, book illustrator and laureate of the 2004 “Anderson Award”. That same year, her original illustrations, translated in several languages, were added to the library at the Musée du Louvre. She will unveil a selection of pieces from her project Tessiture and from her latest endeavour Le Chant de l’Eros, reflections of the imagery of Oriental wisdom and the notion of alchemy.

Invitation à la vie (invito alla vita)
2013, work on paper, charcoal, oil pastel and acrylic
Courtesy Octavia Monaco